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SMTL Training on Codimg

Last week we announced our newest Codimg video analysis software users, SMTL (Surgical Material Testing Laboratory). On Wednesday this week, Jon and Josh travelled to meet the team in Bridgend and run through some key features of their new software and answer questions the team had about setting up their new environment. To begin with, Codimg is primarily going to be used in a research project to test the effectiveness of a procedure and the instrument being used in that. The testing environment, which will be implemented around different hospitals in the UK, will see students and practitioners carrying out a procedure on a simulation dummy. Whilst this is happening, a fixed camera will be in place to record the action along with some great glasses worn by the participants which will capture what they are doing up close thanks to the inbuilt camera situated on the frame of the glasses. With a combination of post and live activity analysis conducted through Codimg and also the Nacsport Tag&Go iPad app, the team are going to be able to review specific actions of the procedure and measure the differences and effectiveness of technique and instruments by looking at the side-by-side video in the timeline and by also utilising the data produced from Codimg with the different XLS/Text file exports available. This is a really exciting project and we are looking forward to keeping you updated with news and pictures wherever possible!

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