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As always, this week we have been trying to raise awareness of who we are and what we can provide. As mentioned last week, we have a new website being designed and Josh is looking forward to filling that with lots of content to easily show people what AnalysisPro Ltd is all about but also to help educate on what video analysis is and the benefits it can provide for people. So stay tuned for the new website!! To help get our messages out, we are always looking at using as many methods of communication as possible. Yesterday Josh set up a new Vizify page which helps summarise ourselves and mainly our Twitter activity, it’s a great looking page and you can see it here. For us, two of the best social media outlets we use are proving to be our Twitter and YouTube accounts. Josh is always trying to make new workflow based videos when the chance arises, so this week we released a video showing the benefits of the graphic descriptor tool in Nacsport to show how that can further assist in providing effective feedback by identifying patterns of play and heat mapping specific areas on a pitch for example. There are some great background developments and discussions also happening which utilise the graphic descriptor tool for third party content providers so we hope to let you know more about that soon.

Shortly after that video was released, it was great to get a link from Charlie Barwis sending me a presentation video he had just created for the Millfield School football team where he was utilising the graphic descriptor information to help provide further information around the videos of goals scored by each team. The graphic descriptor was used to show the movements of play on the pitch which led to the goal.

Yesterday was a busy day for Josh as he was providing a training day for Bangor University on using their Nacsport software and also setting up the Swedish FA with their AP Viewer and AP Packager processes. The training for Bangor University was actually delivered over Skype making use of the video and screen share abilities, and it was great to see that both sides still managed to get everything covered and that all the lessons were picked up just as quickly and as smoothly as they would have been with a face-to-face training. The delivery to the Swedish FA was also conducted over Skype and went very successfully.

At a quick glance, you can see that the key focus points of this week’s news have all been centred around the use of internet based social and communication tools. These tools are key in helping a still relatively young business as our own to get our message out and help keep connected to the growing amount of users we have in different places around the world. So, I suppose we should be saying thanks to our users (as always) and also Skype, Twitter and YouTube this week!

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