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SPT GPS – The missing piece of the AnalysisPro portfolio

You may or may not be aware of our recent partnership with Sports Performance Tracking (SPT), which launched at the start of August.

Matching with our ‘Analysis For All’ model, we found that SPT’s GPS units filled a missing piece in our SHOOT, ANALYSE, SHARE portfolio, thanks to the detailed & varied metrics it provides, the simplicity of use and the affordability of the system. A single SPT2 pack, for example, has a one-off cost of £199 (+vat), including the GPS unit, vest and lifetime access to the online Gametraka platform and app.

We’re really pleased with the partnership and find that SPT’s continual developments of the Gametraka platform, GPS units and new technologies will help our #APfamily benefit from the key aspects of GPS, without having to pay the usual expensive prices for these types of units. We also can’t wait for the new development that is soon to be announced!

From personal use to player comparisons or delving deep into the data for a whole team, we feel that SPT really does allow you to stop guessing and start measuring. GPS lets you monitor loads to avoid overtraining and injury, along with giving you key data to measure and compare performances and players.

Based on several clever algorithms, the SPT GPS units can generate the following data:

Very valuable data that is easily reviewed by a team or individual through the Gametraka platform.

Getting the data from the units onto the platform after a session is quick and easy. After connecting via USB and opening the SPT Bridge software, you identify the session from the unit, give it a name and classify it how you want. Finally, you choose a player to link it to from your Gametraka platform (yourself if it’s a personal unit) and then it gets uploaded and is ready to review!

And if you’re a coach who’s worried about getting the data from multiple units at once, then fear not! You can plug 15 units into the SPT charging dock, to easily download the data and add to the same event in one go (whilst charging them too of course).

Once the data is uploaded, it’s easily reviewed by yourself and players logging into the Gametraka platform or opening the Gametraka mobile app. A benefit of the app is that during a session, you can even use Bluetooth to see live data from your player’s units whilst you are training or playing!

A particularly useful tool on Gametraka is the player comparison tool.

It lets you review two players side by side, by simply selecting them from a dropdown box. The player with the highest scores for the key metrics will have those highlighted, so you can quickly see the standout performer.

You can also do the same with complete events (training/matches), enabling you to easily compare and contrast team outputs from one event to another.

So, what about using the GPS data and syncing up with Video Analysis software like Nacsport?

Well, the universal XML file format can come into play here! With SPT, you can make use of the Virtual Sports Scientist (VSS) subscription to further dive into your GPS data online. You can create different reports and importantly, export the data from each event as an XML file. This XML file can then be imported into Nacsport and synced with a video, for another visual review of your GPS data and what it showed alongside your key performance indicators.

e.g. What does the GPS data say about our players just before we scored or conceded? What metrics were we hitting within the period of the game where we played a certain pattern?

GPS gives you another tool in the arsenal to get a better understanding of your players and performances. We’re really pleased with the SPT units and think that our #APfamily will be too.

So, it’s time to stop guessing and start measuring!

For multiple unit pricing details and a further overview of the SPT units, please click here.

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