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Stoke City FC, Leicester City FC and Swedish FA use AP Viewer

In today’s blog, I would like to welcome a new team as an AP Viewer user and thank our existing users for continuing to renew their service. The team we are welcoming is Stoke City FC.

Stoke City started using AP Viewer this season, with 21 AP Viewer iPad licences that can be used by their players and coaches to easily review their video, timeline and matrix data that is generated in SportsCode. With the app running on the iPad Minis at the club, all players and coaches can instantly review their matches and performances wherever they are at the tap of a button. Due to the portability and easy user interface of AP Viewer, everyone can review whilst on the exercise bikes or travelling to a game for example.

Stoke City FC AP Viewer Skin

Transferring a package onto the iPads is a simple process for analysts Scott Coomber and Stephen Corns. After preparing a SportsCode package, they just have to drop this onto the AP Packager application to licence it so it can be shared with the registered AP Viewer licences. A physical transfer through iTunes then puts the timeline and matrix data straight onto the iPad so it can be reviewed at any time, without needing a connection to the internet for example.

Once in the app, players can select clips to review from the timeline and matrix, skip through moments and use a jog shuffle tool to review the exact moments they want. AP Viewer can also display up to 4 stacked angles which can each be zoomed into for a closer look, so the players and coaches can see the action from any angle. Drawing tools in the app also make it a great tool for showing key moments to others on the iPad or when sharing to an Apple TV for example.

We would like to thank Stoke City for choosing AP Viewer as a new component in their video analysis processes and wish them the best of luck for the rest of the Premiership season.

AP Viewer used by Leicester City FC

We would also like to thank both Leicester City FC and the Swedish FA for continuing to renew their AP Packagers, as both teams still continue to use the iPad app for their video analysis review workflows. Leicester City and the Swedish FA both started using AP Viewer back in 2013, so we are really pleased that they continue to use and benefit from our iPad app! Best of luck to both of these teams in their league and international games and competitions!

Check out this story to see more about how Leicester City use AP Viewer and our online tool MyTPE.

Leicester City renew MyTPE and AP Viewer


This video below shows AP Viewer in action at Leicester City FC. If you want to know more about AP Viewer, then please check out this page and also feel free to get in contact with us.

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